Unique Expressions

--Clamping Bars--

Anna’s Custom Design, White House, TN.

Anna can table 144" using her 2-60" Deluxe clamping bars and a
24" clamping bar and 2 clamping bar connectors.

Shasta and Joy Wilbur from Sew Joy in Lexington, KY.

Joy has 1-60" deluxe clamping bars with 2-24" clamping bars attached
to table extensions and 2 pairs of edge rulers.

60" Deluxe Clamping bar at Cathy’s Curtains & Accessories in Louisville, KY

Cathy from Cathy’s Curtains & Accessories in Louisville, KY commented
on 1/31/18: "I was a one-woman workroom for many years and the Draw-Matic
equipment along with the Döfix iron/products revolutionized my business.
I became SO much more efficient, precise & profitable."

To view video made by Cathy Tucker from the Traveling Workroom Temp
using the Draw-Matic products, video is posted on Product Share of the
Workroom Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEjTwX3BBSY&t=24s