Unique Expressions

Only Coolaroo Shade Sails feature Coolaroo's unique Commercial Grade knitted fabric specialty design.

Shade sails installation tips


Coolaroo weather protection solutions have been designed with your supreme comfort in mind.
Apart from stylish design and practical long life construction, only Coolaroo solutions are made with the added protection of a unique knitted fabric.
This state-of-the-art material blocks out harmful UV rays, yet still allows cool breezes to pass through and refresh you. No matter how hot it gets outside, Coolaroo helps keep temperatures down - to keep you cooler, more comfortable..

The Coolaroo Shade Sails offer instant shade solutions.  You can string it over a playpen, a sandbox, a picnic table or simply a pleasant sitting area to allow you to enjoy the outside elements in complete comfort.

To ORDER please call 1-877-516-4677 or send an e-mail to uniqshasta@charter.net.