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-- Draw-Matic Reviews --

From: Hallie Meschter, Sew Hallie, LLC, Bethesda, MD

She has a 60" table and a 48" table and wanted the option to connect the 2 tables. At the CWC Show 2019 she purchased a 60" clamping bar, a 48" clamping bar; a pair of edge rulers, a single edge ruler numbers from right to left, a SOM-CB Connector bracket and a 60" cutting guide.

Hi Shasta,
I would like you to know that my Draw Matic is LIFE CHANGING! I just finished two giant projects of multiple width panels with tight deadlines that I NEVER would have been able to complete in time using my old method! I think if I had to guess, I cut my production time in half. Not only that, I enjoyed the process more because it is less exhausting and more exacting. Im so glad that I got to see you and Nancy Tucker demonstrate at CWC.
Thank you so much!

Hallie Meschter
Sew Hallie, LLC


From: Laura Nelson, Sew Nice Custom Window Treatments and More, West Lafayette, IN

She purchased: 12 pair of edge rulers, 61 " deluxe clamping bar and cutting guide. 10/2/18

I've been in business for 25 years and wish I had purchased the draw matic clamping system, cutting guide and edge rulers sooner! I am a one person workroom and although I had a system "down" for cutting and tabling panels, this set up has saved me so much time! I had been spending time checking, re-checking, pinning, and walking many laps around the table - no more!
Laura Nelson, Sew Nice


From: Kelley Johns, of Beaux Rideaux Custom Interiors, Huntsville, AL  35801


Here's the deluxe clamping bar with a fringed panel clamped at the hem. I mooshed the fabric hem up to the "step" on the bar & let the fringe flop around beyond it. These are 3 widths-of-material panels that I'm constructing from the bottom-up because of the fringe.

I have really enjoyed using this clamping bar! I didn't have the funds to purchase it when I set up my workroom, but I'm very glad I made the leap this past year! I get lots of orders for panels.

8/07 ordered Deluxe Clamping bar and edge ruler


From Welmoed Sisson, Sewing Seams Easy

My new favorite workroom tool!!

Oh my, yet another tool I'm completely in love with.

At the CHF Conference I ordered a cutting guide from Shasta. This is a long ruler-like device that clamps onto the work table and has a groove running down the center. Well, today I had to cut eight panels, lining and interlining. In the past, I would put pins in the table to mark where the cut line was, lay the fabric out, put a ruler across the pins, mark the cut line with chalk, lay the ruler aside, and cut the fabric. What a lot of steps!!
Well, today I just clamped the ruler to the correct length, laid the fabric on top, and slid the scissors along the groove. ZZZZoooooom!!
I was a bit put off at the price -- $75, and I think it's gone up since the show. But, knowing what I know now, I would gladly have paid the increased price. For a one-person workroom, it's a godsend.

Welmoed Sisson, CWTC, CWP
Sewing Seams Easy
Custom Window Treatments and Home Decor

10/07 ordered cutting guide


From Cathy Stitch, Cathy’s Curtains & Accessories, Louisville, KY

Hi Shasta--

Thank you for the opportunity to share about the Draw-Matic products!  They have paid for themselves time and time again by my increased production.  You're right about the products being on people's wish lists.  We were talking about them at our workroom group meeting this past Tuesday.  I'll bet you get some sales from them in the not too distant future!

I will be happy to take some pictures and email them to you.  I've got a big swag job to finish up and then I can clear my table.  If you need me to re-send the photos demonstrating how I use the cutting guide to make bias tape, just let me know.



From: Cathy Stich [cathyscurtains@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:54 AM
To: uniqshasta@charter.net
Subject: Re: Testimonials

Hi Shasta--

I LOVE  everything that I purchased from Draw-Matic!!!  Since I am (usually) a 1 person workroom, it saves me SO much time!  I would be happy to take some pictures--I’ve got a couple of pre-Christmas jobs for which i will be using the products. 

Thanks much!!

Cathy Stich

Cathy's Curtains

10/07 purchased DeLuxe Clamping Bar, edge ruler and cutting guide


November 11, 2009 Update:

I am the proud owner of the following Draw-Matic products:  the Size-O-Matic Delux Clamp, a pair of side rulers (starting at -10", of course) and a cutting guide.  Since purchasing them several years ago, my production time has increased dramatically!  The side rulers along with hand-drawn lines on my work table keep everything straight and square.  The cutting guide allows for even, accurate cut lengths and can even accommodate the Black & Decker electric scissors!  It allows for easy stack cutting of face fabrics and linings.  It, along with a diagonal line on the table, can be used to cut bias strips or used as a straight edge to line up trims and banding on Roman shades or valances.  The Delux clamp makes me feel like i own a "big" workroom!  It holds hems or headers taut and in place which assures accurate lengths on panels and valances--no matter how wide the treatment is. 

These products save me so much time which translates into increased profit!  I think that these products are so worthwhile!
Sent by: Cathy Stitch
Cathy’s Curtains & Accessories


January 31, 2018 Update:

Cathy is scheduled to do a Draw Matic demonstration at the I.W.C.E. show in Tampa, Florida on March 28, 2018 and wrote to me the following:
"As you know, I was a one-woman workroom for many years and the Draw-Matic equipment along with the Dfix iron/products revolutionized my business. I became SO much more efficient, precise & profitable."
Sent by: Cathy Stich
Cathys Curtains & Accessories


From Jenna Abbott, WCAA Executive Director, posting on CHF Forum on 8/25/2010

Oh, get the sizemaster.  That tool changed my life.  I thought about it for 2 years and then finally, at a show several years ago I plunked my money down BUT not before I asked everyone I knew about it.  To a person, they all said some variation of "best money I ever spent."  Having the sizemaster cut my time to fabricate a panel way down.  I used to have the actual numbers but I can't find them now and it's been a while since I made a panel so I don't want to guess.  What I do recall is that my time to fabricate went down and my accuracy went up.
You can buy one new from Shasta at Unique Expressions.  Here's the website. http://www.uniquexpressions.net/prod...drawmatic.html  If you are a WCAA member you get a discount so be sure to have your member number handy when you call.
Get it.  You won't be sorry.

Jenna Abbott
WCAA Executive Director


From Margaret Moore, The House of Design, posting on CHF Forum on 8/25/2010

I wanted to let anyone that is considering buying a sizemaster that I love the one I bought from Kelly Little here on the forum.  I also bought the edge ruler and the cutting guide from her and let me tell you that even with having my table marked, my cuts were much more even and square.  I am so happy that I purchased it and wish I had done it a long time ago.  I know that it has cut my time in half.  I also bought the John James needles that Susan Schurz uses and they are wonderful.  I hemmed the side of a drapery panel in about 20 minutes and that was a difficult fabric.  I love this forum. It has so many great tips and sharing people. Thanks again to all the forum members.

Margaret Moore
The House of Design
Tazewell, VA


From Meg Lilja, Working By Design, posting on CHF Forum on 4/1/2009

Ditto on the size master. It's one of my "top 10 tools" up there with scissors, pins and the worktable itself.

And an ah-ha moment for me...the sheer voile.

Meg Lilja